175A Street in Surrey will now be called “Guru Nanak Village Way”

PICS Society announced today that Mayor McCallum and City Council have accepted and approved their application to rename 175A Street (off from 64 Avenue) in the name of “Guru Nanak Dev Ji” and the new name will be “Guru Nanak Village Way”. The idea to rename 175A Street after the founder of the Sikh faith came to the fore in the wake of the decision by PICS Society to name the proposed 125-bed long-term care home for seniors as Guru Nanak Diversity Village.  PICS Society has upgraded and widened 175A Street (off from 64 Avenue), in order to provide access to the Guru Nanak Diversity Village residential care facility being built in Cloverdale.

The name change was approved by the City Council on Monday, June 27th 2022 and the new commemorative sign will be installed in both English and Punjabi, on the corner of 64 Avenue and 175A Street in July 2022.  The date for the unveiling ceremony will be announced in due course.

“With more than 104,720 South-Asians living in the Municipality of Surrey, naming this street after Guru Nanak Ji not only reflects our city’s multicultural mosaic, but also the rich Punjabi heritage. It is a celebration of our minorities, our diverse cultures, communities and their contributions towards making Surrey a truly inclusive society and city. On behalf of PICS Society, our Board and the larger community we represent, I want to express sincere thanks to Mayor Doug McCallum and the Surrey City Council for their leadership on this initiative,” says Satbir Singh Cheema, President & CEO, PICS Society.

At a meeting on Monday, the City Council also issued the Development Permit for the Guru Nanak Diversity Village project, thereby ensuring that this important community project can be completed on time and our seniors can avail the much-needed services.  The application for the Building Permit for the project will be submitted to the City Planners in July.

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