Two suspects dead, six officers shot after B.C. bank shooting

B.C. – Police in Saanich, B.C., say two suspects are dead and six police officers suffered gunshot wounds when they were called to a bank robbery.

The chief constable in Saanich, B-C says the scene of yesterday’s  gunfight between police and two suspected bank robbers was “chaotic, tragic, dynamic and violent.”

The police chief in Saanich says two robbery suspects believed to be wearing body armour died in a hail of gunfire exchanged with officers outside a Bank of Montreal yesterday.

And Dean Duthie adds he’s amazed and grateful that no bank employees or any passersby were injured in the barrage of gunfire.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his thoughts are with all of the injured officers and their colleagues who also rushed towards danger to keep people safe

Resident Tracy Yarr says she went around her house locking doors and windows after the police put out an advisory telling people to stay inside and avoid the area.

Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth says his thoughts are with the injured officers and he wishes them a speedy recovery. (The Canadian Press)

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