New Delhi: An alleged bomb threat on board an Iranian passenger flight put the authorities on alert this morning as the plane was in Indian airspace .

A call received by flight number W-581 was going from Tehran to Guangzhou, China and at around 9:30 am, the pilots of the aircraft had contacted Delhi ATC and permission was sought for landing. During this, the aircraft remained on hold in Delhi’s airspace for about a quarter of an hour. Thr plane was not allowed to land in the Delhi.

The Jaipur Airport ATC was also informed cautiously. Now the plane will be landed in China. The plane will land at China’s airport in the next 2 hours.

The security agencies have become alert after receiving an e-mail about a bomb being planted in Indigo flight number 6E-6045 at Mumbai Airport on Saturday night.

This flight was going to go from Mumbai to Ahmedabad at night. During the investigation, nothing was found in the flight, after which the flight was delayed in the night. Now the Mumbai Police is investigating who sent this email.

Apart from this, a flight from Delhi to Malaysia was delayed due to hoax of a bomb at the Indira Gandhi International Airport on Friday.

Officials said security agencies were alerted about the bomb threat from Malaysia Airlines MH-173 flight at around 1 pm, following which they conducted a thorough check of the entire plane.

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