Toronto: A 28-year-old man, who was arrested last week in connection with his hate crime at a mosque in the province of Ontario, is facing multiple charges.

The Islamic Society of Markham (ISM) said that on the morning of April 6, a man came to the mosque on Denison Street and tore a copy of the holy Quran as soon as he arrived and started making racist and Islamophobic comments against the devotees.

According to officials, there was a lot of crowd in the mosque due to holy month of Ramzan at that time.

The society said in a statement that while leaving the mosque, the man also tried to run his vehicle over several devotees. The statement also said that they were “deeply frightened” by the incident as the incident took place just close to the anniversary of the London terror attack.

The Peel police said 28-year-old Sharan Karunakaran has been arrested in this connection. He was charged with threatening, assaulting with a weapon, and dangerous driving.

Police said they were also concerned that other people might have been victims of the incident.

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