Chandigarh: Amritpal Singh, the head of the Waris Punjab De organization, on Wednesday took a U-turn on controversial statement against Union minister Amit Shah.

He clarified that he did not threaten the Home Minister in any way. The agencies want to kill him. Earlier, he said that Indira also tried to suppress, what happened? Now Amit Shah should fulfill his wish and see the consequences.

Addressing the media persons at Budh Singh Wala village of Moga district, Amritpal said that his statement was twisted by the national media. He said that India is said to be the strongest country in democracy. Now the situation has become such that those who raise their voice in democracy are being suppressed.

“If a person puts forward his idea, he is declared a criminal. Governments do not take any action when they talk about Hindu Rashtra, but when Sikhs talk about Khalistan and Muslim Jihad, the government would have taken immediate action,” he said.

Amritpal Singh said that he is working for the Sikh community. He does not want to enter politics, the government should be unfazed by it.

He said that if people talk in the interest of the community, they are treated like an opposition. The national media is speaking against him. He is just running a campaign of ‘Amrit Sanchar’. His campaign against drugs continues.

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