Ontario: In a new survey conducted here, two out of five Canadian women said that they know a friend or family member who has had an abortion at some point. According to the report, one in six women have had an abortion.

The survey also found that women who had an abortion and those who gave birth to an unwanted child felt that they took the right step. The survey finds that by doing so, they made the right choice. Those who had an abortion were also found to have lower rates of remorse.

This survey conducted by the Angus Reed Institute and data comes from the first part of a new series by this nonprofit research foundation.

In August, 1,800 Canadians, of 921 women were surveyed. The real purpose of this survey was to find out what is the experience of Canadians in having an abortion and ending an unwanted pregnancy.

While 16 per cent of the women surveyed said they had an abortion on their own, 15 per cent said they had an unwanted pregnancy and 4 per cent said they faced both kinds of conditions.

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