Ontario: The Canadian Union of Public Employees said that their 55,000 education worker members in Ontario, such as librarians, caretakers, education assistants and administration staff will be in a state of legal strike from November 3, the Canadian Union of Public Employees said on Monday.

William Kaplan, who negotiated a settlement between the two sides in 2019, was also engaged to properly conclude the talks between the union and the government but the talks came to a standstill.

The report said that the countdown has begun for the union to go on strike at any time, although the union will also have to give a five-day advance notice before going on strike.

There is no indication from the union yet whether the education workers will go on a complete strike or take another route.

Meanwhile, there are still three days of bargaining scheduled between Monday and Wednesday are left.

Earlier this month, 96.5 per cent of Ontario education workers voted in favour of a strike.

The union has been demanding a $3.25 per hour or 11.7 per cent increase in annual allowances, as well as minimum staffing requirements, early childhood educators earmarked for each kindergarten class, and $100 million for 1,500 to 1,700 new employment opportunities.

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